Metal Gutter Guard Install

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Grayson’s Gutter Guard offers top quality aluminium and steel products for protecting your gutters!

Metal gutter guard is becoming increasingly popular particularly in screwed down gutter guard installs. In many installation scenarios there are advantages with metal gutter guards when compared with plastic. Metal guards are obviously more resistant to fire and will cope with extreme heat, whereas many unstable plastic products will warp and crack under the harsh Australian sun. Sun damage to gutter guards is more likely to be an issue in the northern states of Australia such as Queensland.

For easier to remove plastic gutter guards see our Triple-G system, this is highly UV resistant and recommend for fascia gutters when the homeowner wants to avoid hole drilling and permanent fixing. Fascia gutters are gutters that are attached to the fascia board of the roof edge.

Metal Gutter Guard Install and Cleaning
Servicing a metal gutter guard. The gutter guard mesh has thinner strands so the mesh is also less visible from the ground.

For more information about Grayson’s Full-Metal™ gutter guard solutions for your home, free call us now on 1800 GUTTER (1800 488 837).