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Grayson’s Full-Metal Ember Mesh

If you live in an area prone to bushfires, then our Fire Ember Guard is a product that will help keep your home safe. Our Ember Guard Mesh is designed specifically to stop small bushfire embers from entering your gutters and roofing. Like all our gutter guard options, it’s great for keeping your gutters clear of other kinds of debris that can clog gutters and cause them to overrun. In many Victorian regions, a tough bushfire-rated ember guard mesh is crucial for peace of mind!

Ember Mesh Protection for Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL)

Bushfires can spread quickly and wreak havoc with airborne embers. Some Greater Melbourne and country Victoria properties are subject to Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) building restrictions and regulations.

The Victorian Government has designated 6 Bushfire Attack Levels; each of these levels is a way to measure how much risk there is for buildings in bushfire prone areas, and designates different construction standards for new buildings. Grayson’s Fire Ember Mesh is perfect for homes at all BAL levels including the extremely high risk BAL-40 and BAL-FZ (Flame Zone) designations. It is made to the specifications recommended by the Victorian Building Authority.

Bushfire Ember Mesh Gutter Guard
Fire Ember Guard Mesh installed on a roof in Victoria
Ember Mesh with 2mm x 2mm holes
Our ember guard mesh has an aperture of 2mm and is made from corrosion resistant aluminium

How Ember Guard Mesh Works

Grayson’s Ember Mesh is a gutter guard with holes that are only 2mm by 2mm in area.

This tiny 2mm hole size allows the mesh to block dangerous bushfire embers from getting in to your roofing without hindering your gutters’ ability to divert rainwater. During the heat of summer, the loose debris inside your gutters & roofing can become extremely dry, this can be deadly with a raging bushfire nearby. Ember mesh is non-combustible and will stop embers  from flying into the gutter; it blocks the under-the-edge gaps that ordinarily allow dust matter to enter your eaves.  The tough aluminium mesh strands are thin enough to ensure there is virtually zero restriction of water flow, thinner mesh strands also makes hose flushing through the mesh possible. With finer mesh holes, objects like nuts, seeds and pine needles will find it very difficult to enter the gutter.

Fire Ember Guard Mesh is constructed of fireproof (non-combustible) aluminium.

Mesh That’s Woven, Not Moulded

Grayson’s Ember Mesh is woven like fabric, whereas other gutter guard options are molded. This makes it extremely resistant to tearing. During manufacturing, each strand is separated from the one next to it, then these strands are cut and then rejoined in the grid pattern with innovative weaving machinery.

The edges of our Ember Guard Mesh are folded to form a hem, this is crucial in eliminating fraying, and also creates a tougher edge for our fixing screws. The final step is a powder coat applied to match popular roof colours — you can view all available ember mesh colours here. What’s left is the ultimate protection option in gutter guard. This process makes Fire Ember Mesh our toughest available product.

We feel proud when we know that our clients have the very best materials constructed with the best workmanship.

Bush fire ember gutter guard
Ember Guard is designed to block bushfire embers
Bushfire-rated mesh installed in box gutter
Bushfire-rated mesh installed in box gutter


The installation of ember mesh is only done using our screwed-down method. The cost of Ember Mesh is usually an additional $4 per metre (when compared with standard Full-Metal® mesh). But call us today and we will give you our best price.

Important Note* Government and Fire Brigade recommendations and building guidelines can vary in every geographical region, these guidelines and laws may change at any time. Always consult your local Fire Fighter Department before deciding on the best options for bushfire protection.

For more information about Fire Ember Mesh Gutter Guard, call us now on 1800 GUTTER.