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Grayson’s Gutter Guard Wallan is your premium supplier and installer of high quality gutter protection systems in Wallan and surrounding areas.

We offer gutter protection for all types of properties. So whether your home is in Melbourne’s outer northern suburbs, a regional town, or high bushfire-risk area, we have the solution for you.

Our gutter guards and accessories are available in a wide range of colours that will protect your gutters and roof, whilst standing up to the harsh Australian climate.

Grayson's Gutter Guard Wallan
Grayson's Triple-G Gutter mesh installed on a tiled roof
Gutter mesh installed on a tiled roof

Gutter Guard Installation

From our base in Wallan we service many types of properties every year across varied terrain, from Melbourne’s fringe suburbs to the plains and highlands of central Victoria.

Our gutter guard keeps your gutters free of leaves and debris, reducing the need for regular gutter cleaning. And our premium Bushfire Ember Gutter Guard is the recommended option for properties in bushfire risk areas. 

Our team of installers have the experience and expertise to service all types of buildings, including:

  • corrugated roofs
  • tiled and slate roofs
  • sheds and garages
  • flat and cladded roofs, including Trimdek® and Klip-Lok®
  • modern homes with box gutters
  • plus roof channels and valleys


Gutter Guards Options

We offer a range of gutter protection options to suit your property and requirements.

Our exclusive Triple-G® gutter mesh was designed with ease of installation and re-cleaning in mind, so doesn’t require any screws or roof bolts. Triple-G® is a heavy duty gutter guard mesh, weighing almost 1000 grams per square metre. It can be installed in complete lengths of up to 30 metres, so is a good fit for large rural homes and structures like sheds. Triple-G® is also well-suited to areas with significant rainfall; all materials used are inert and safe for rainwater collection.

Our most durable option and the best choice for homes in bushfire risk areas is Bushfire Ember Gutter Guard. This premium gutter guard is designed to prevent bushfire embers from entering your gutters and roofing. It is made from fireproof, corrosion-resistant aluminium, and has small apertures of less than 2mm that block debris while not impeding water flow. This gutter guard is also the recommended installation option for box gutter guards.

We also offer a range of bird proof gutter guard options, to stop nuisance birds and other animals like possums and rats from entering and nesting in your roof cavities.

No matter your requirements, we have the ideal solution. Call us today for a consultation on 1800 GUTTER (1800 488 837).

Grayson's Bushfire Gutter Guard installed on a roof surrounded by eucalypts
Grayson's Bushfire Gutter Guard Mesh installed on a roof surrounded by eucalypts
McDonald Silver from Grayson's Gutter Guard Wallan
McDonald Silver from Grayson's Gutter Guard Wallan

Gutter Cleaning & Other Services

Grayson’s are proud to offer more than just gutter guard supply and installation services. We can clean your gutters, and service and repair existing gutter guards. The cleaning out and servicing of old gutter guards is done with the utmost care using colour matched replacement parts.

Your experienced local gutter guard installer in Wallan, McDonald Silver (pictured here in a photo from 2008), actually started working as a gutter cleaner with Grayson’s when he first arrived in Australia from Zimbabwe. 

Grayson’s comprehensive gutter cleaning services include clearing of all debris from gutters, roof valleys and channels; flushing of downspouts and pipes; and attendance to rainheads. We can also prune overhanging branches to prevent future problems; and, if requested, clear your property of green waste.

If you have existing gutter guards, we also offer repair and maintenance services, including cleaning, patching, re-siliconing, and replacement of parts as necessary.

Servicing Wallan & Surrounding Areas

We are perfectly located to offer our services to many suburbs just north of Melbourne and beyond. We service locations as far as Seymour and way out to Marysville to the East, including:

  • Alexandra
  • Benalla
  • Buxton
  • Doreen
  • Epping
  • Euroa
  • Heathcote
  • Kilmore
  • Kinglake
  • Lalor
  • Mansfield
  • Mill Park
  • Nagambie
  • Romsey
  • South Morang
  • Seymour
  • Yea
  • Wandong
  • Whittlesea
  • Wollert

Contact Grayson’s Gutter Guard Wallan

5 Ivy Lane
Wallan VIC 3756

Phone: 1800 GUTTER (1800 488 837)

Installing metal gutter guard protection
Grayson's team installing metal gutter guard protection

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Gutter Guard Mesh Wallan

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