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Screwing down the flat trims to the parapet wall top, an important part of box gutter protection.
Screwing down the flat trims to the parapet wall top, an important part of box gutter protection.

Due to the great width and depth of box gutters, a different method of gutter guard installation is required. We use specially made ‘flat trims’ for permanently screwing gutter mesh to the roof edge. Our gutter guard is screwed to the metal cap that sits on top of the parapet wall (see Box Gutter Guard diagram). This method of screwing the gutter mesh to the parapet top, ensures a complete protective fit that will stop all leaves from getting through.

Diagram of Box Gutter Install Method
Diagram of Box Gutter Install Method

Box gutters are becoming more common in modern residential roofing, prior to about the year 2000, they were primarily on commercial and factory roofs. Box gutters are “boxed in” all around, they have higher edges on all sides. The highest edge is the parapet wall, this completely conceals the box gutter from the ground.

How do you know if you have box gutters?

If you’re wondering if your roof has box gutters, look upwards at your roof from the ground, if you can see all of your gutters from the ground you don’t have box gutters. Box gutters will not be visible from the ground.

Interesting facts about Box Gutter Guards:-

  • Homeowners often mistake their rainheads for box gutters, rainheads are small squarish containers normally attached to the tops of downpipes. Rainheads will have a little cutout slot in them that acts as an overflow failsafe. Mesh covering of rainheads should be included in your box gutter protection.
  • Box gutters are usually strong enough and wide enough that you can actually walk inside them.
  • Box gutters are often on only one side of the roof, this is particularly common with flat metal roofing.
  • If the downpipes of your box gutters become totally blocked, the consequences can be quite damaging for the rooms underneath; call us urgently!
  • The screws that we use in box gutter guard installation will not leak under normal rainfall conditions (we pressure test all our gutter guard screws)

Special Services for Box Gutters

Our Triple-G system is great for most fascia mounted gutters, but for box gutters, we don’t normally recommend the ‘rolled in’ method. Because box gutters are prone to sudden internal flooding, we are regularly asked to install our gutter protection on these roofs. If your box gutters are flooding due to sudden heavy rain, feel free to call us immediately (anytime), we have dedicated staff willing to attend to your roof ASAP! A flooding of box gutters is something we can treat as a serious emergency. If it’s a flat roof with box gutters our staff may even be able to climb up and unblock the gutters while it’s actually raining. We can also clean out and repair old box gutter protection systems.

Bird Proofing for Box Gutters

Due to the positioning and oversized design of box gutters, they can often be left with opening gap entry points for the pest bird species of Pigeons, Indian Mynas and Starlings. Many homeowners will panic in this situation and have inappropriate bird control products installed like plastic owls (that don’t work) and bird spikes. If there’s an entry point in or next to the box gutters, 9 times of 10 gutter mesh will be an effective and permanent solution. We may need to only block one small hole, but to maximise the level of bird proofing, your gutters can be completely protected and covered with our ScrewTight system.

Gutter Guard protecting a tiled roof with box gutters
Gutter Guard protecting a tiled roof with box gutters

What’s included in Box Gutter Protection?

  • Thorough pre clean and flush out of the box gutter
  • Gutter mesh provided at the tailored wider fit and up to 1000mm in width
  • We clear away any interfering tree branches before installation
  • Installation of support beams underneath the mesh (necessary when installing over wider areas with 650mm> mesh width)
  • Colour matching of all parts used in the box gutter mesh installation 
  • Use of special fixing clips for trimdek and cliplock roof profiles.
  • Mesh covering of all your rainheads that are connected to the box gutters.


Supply of the Highest Quality Materials

We always source only the best quality gutter protection meshes that we can find because we strive for the ultimate concepts in gutter guard. We also keep an extensive collection of old gutter guard products in our head office to compare them with new inventions that come along. Grayson’s proudly owns some of the best gutter guard brands created in Australian history. All our franchises have full access to our array of products and we gladly pass our knowledge on to them! Quality control is paramount.

For more information about box gutter guard install, call our experienced professionals now on the easy to remember Toll Free 1800 GUTTER (1800488837) and you’ll be connected with your local Grayson’s Gutter Guard supplier/installer.