ScrewTight™ Full-Metal Gutter Guard

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ScrewTight Full-Metal gutter guard installation.
ScrewTight Full-Metal gutter guard installation.

Installing Permanent Screwed-down Gutter Guard

Our Grayson’s Gutter Guard professionals can install permanent screwed down systems to most roofs; we call this ScrewTight! For ScrewTight installs we use our standard Full-Metal mesh or the Ember Guard Mesh. For properties that are surrounded by more trees this install method will be better suited. If your gutters are currently blocking up more than four times a year, this is an option worth seriously considering. Our ScrewTight™ Full-Metal system is popular with people who “never want to clean their gutters again.”

On tiled roofs our Full-Metal gutter mesh and fixing parts can be tailored and cut to the wider 500mm size and tucked under the second row of tiles. This install method creates a sloping down effect and 99.9% of debris will slide straight off the roof! For corrugated roofs our saddles will be screwed to the roof ribs. We have seen many houses in Melbourne with “permanent screwed” style gutter guards installed as far back as the 1990s, often those gutters are still free flowing with only a small build-up of dirt and silt. Our gutter guard installers can advise you on our options. We’ve seen hundreds of gutter guards in action, our own gutter guards were formulated with real life on-the-roof know how.

ScrewTight Full-Metal Gutter Guard on box Gutter
ScrewTight Full-Metal Gutter Guard on box Gutters

Box Gutter Protection

We believe the only way to properly protect box gutters is using the screwed down method. Because box gutters are much wider, the inserted and rolled in Triple-G gutter guard, is not normally suitable. Grayson’s are experts at installing gutter protection onto box gutters, Grayson’s Full Metal gutter guard system has larger sized holes than our ember guard! We provide our Full Metal gutter mesh at a width of up to 1000mm, this is more than enough to cover the widest box gutters. We will thoroughly clear your gutters and flush the system with water before installing our product. See our main box gutter guard page.

Gutter Guard aluminium ScrewTight Full-Metal

Advantages of the ScrewTight™ Full-Metal

  • Maximum level of protection but with larger hole sizes than Ember Guard
  • Increase the value of your roof
  • Reduce ladder falls because you wont need to check the gutters as frequently
  • Protect your family
  • Less maintenance cleaning required
  • Achieves a more complete fit
  • Unwanted debris is more likely to just slide off the roof!
  • Increases the strength of your gutters and will reduce sagging issues
End join with Grayson's Screwtight Full-Metal gutter guard
End join with Grayson’s ScrewTight Full-Metal gutter guard fitted to a section of end roofing.

Grayson’s are experts in the installation, repair and maintenance of gutter guards including permanent screwed down systems. Call us today!