Grayson’s Gutter Guard Melbourne & Victoria

In Melbourne and throughout wider Victoria, we install our ScrewTight Full-Metal gutter guard and the Triple-G® system.

Our Triple-G® gutter guard is less disruptive and great for difficult access roofs, with Triple-G we don’t have to move your tiles or drill holes in your roof. The name Triple-G was inspired from the initials of Grayson’s Gutter Guard!

For maximum gutter protection, ScrewTight Full Metal gutter guard fully covers the entire roof-to-gutter edge. Whichever gutter guard you choose from Grayson’s, you can be confident knowing that we always use only the highest quality materials in all of our installations.

We have installed our gutter guard on hundreds of roofs in Melbourne.

If you have an old gutter protection system, we clean and repair gutter guards of all kinds. Our gutter guard repairs are also done using the highest quality parts.

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Triple G gutter guard by Grayson's Gutter Guard

Gutter Guard Installation

Our Triple-G® Gutter Guard mesh was devised with ease of installation and re-cleaning in mind. Find out more about the best gutter guard in Melbourne!

Boxed Gutter Guard

For wider or deeper “boxed” gutters, a screwed-down gutter guard is required. Find out more about our tailored gutter guard installations for all types of box gutters.

Gutter Guard Melbourne

For properties surrounded by trees, permanent leaf-free gutter guard can be installed on most roofs. Find out about the benefits of the “screwed-down” method.


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"Grayson's did an awesome job of our gutters on our building. They were also so careful to not get leaves in our pool and cleaned up. Fast friendly service. Now we're ready for Autumn with the new gutter guards."

Clint & Caryl

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