• Gutter Guard on Tiled Roof

    Different Roof Tiles Affect Gutter Guard Fit

    At Grayson’s, we always take into account the type of roof and roof tiles that you have before recommending the best gutter guard for you. We’ve devised two excellent gutter guard systems: the permanent ScrewTight™️ Full-Metal gutter guard and the more easily removable Triple-G™️ gutter guard.

  • Gutter Guard Prices

    Gutter Guard Prices

    What does Gutter Guard cost? Do you want to know how much gutter guards cost? To learn more about gutter guard prices keep reading… we look forward to working for you! For Triple-G® leaf mesh installs, our minimum price is $30 per metre. For ScrewTight Full-Metal™ gutter guard installations, the minimum price is $65 per […]

  • Full Metal gutter leaf guards really work

    Do gutter leaf guards really work?

    Do gutter guards really work? Lots of people ask the question, “do gutter leaf guards really work?” But to answer this question properly, we can’t just state “yes they work” or “no they don’t work”… Some gutter guards work better than others. The enquirer should always ask themselves, “what do I expect leaf guards to […]

  • What are the different types of gutter guard?

    What are the different types of gutter guards?

    Types of Gutter Guard Systems Not all gutter guards are created equally; literally. A high performance gutter guard needs to be UV-resistant, it must be capable of channelling heavy rain, and most importantly gutter guard must be able to keep leaves and debris OUT of your gutters. So, here are the most common kinds of gutter […]

  • Gutter Guard Bunnings

    Gutter Guard Bunnings

    Is Bunnings gutter guard worth it? The hardware store Bunnings stocks a variety of different gutter guard products for DIY installation. Most of these Bunnings gutter guards are generically made in short lengths of between one to eight metres, homeowners overlap these short lengths into their gutters. The gutter guard industry has come a long […]

  • Reinstalling metal gutter guards

    Metal Gutter Guard Install

    Grayson’s Gutter Guard offers top quality aluminium and steel products for protecting your gutters! Metal gutter guard is becoming increasingly popular particularly in screwed down gutter guard installs. In many installation scenarios there are advantages with metal gutter guards when compared with plastic. Metal guards are obviously more resistant to fire and will cope with extreme heat, whereas […]

  • Grayson's Gutter Guard on a farm shed

    What is Triple-G Gutter Guard & Why Use It?

    What is Triple-G gutter guard? Triple-G or GGG is an abbreviation of Grayson’s Gutter Guard. Triple-G is the only non-screwed gutter guard available that is installed in such long lengths. Triple-G can be installed in a length of up to 30 metres (that is a massive length). Very rarely do we come across a single […]

  • Customised Gutter Guard cut onsite

    Customised Gutter Guard Cut Onsite in Melbourne

    Grayson’s Gutter Guard installers cutting a full roll of our Triple-G gutter mesh at a house in Melbourne. Call us on 1800 GUTTER today (+61 1800-488-837) We service Greater Melbourne and many of the nearby country Victoria towns. Each section of gutter guard is cut specifically to fit each house.

  • Screwing down the metal saddles firmly holds the gutter guard mesh against the roof ribs.

    Gutter Guard Metal Roof – Corrugated Install Method

    Unlike tiled roofs your corrugated metal roofs have a smoother finish, this can work fantastically with our screwed down gutter guard systems; almost everything just slides off the gutter mesh! As you can see in the photo our gutter guard matches the roof colour perfectly. In the photo you will see the small fixing saddles […]

  • Repairing a gutter guard system that's fitted to completely cover a valley. We recommend against this type of install, but we are happy to service existing valley gutter mesh.

    Gutter Guard in Valleys

    Learn why we don’t install gutter guard in to the full length of valleys… Normally we recommend against placing a complete gutter protection into valleys. In a big storm, a huge volume of water will be directed towards the valleys, but if the roofing and valleys have been detailed correctly, it’s unlikely that any major […]