Magic Gutter Bags

Do Magic Gutter Bags Work?

Magic Gutter Bags: Quack Gutter Protection If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, and Magic Gutter Bags definitely fall under this category. The idea is great: these are biodegradable bags filled with clay and enzymes that are ostensibly able to clear the gutters of debris and moss once they are activated […]

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Installing gutter guard on shingle roof

Installing Gutter Guards Under Shingles

What to Consider When Installing Gutter Guards on Shingle Roofs We explain why our Triple-G gutter guard is usually the best option for roofs with slate, asphalt, wooden and terracotta shingles. In Australian roofing, the word “shingles”is used to describe roofs with small, overlapping rectangle-shaped tiles that normally lay flat. The most common shingles in […]

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