How do you Measure Gutters for Gutter Guards?

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How to Measure Gutters?

Most property owners who phone us don’t actually know how many metres of gutter they have, in this article we provide some tips on how professionals measure gutters for gutter guard and a few ideas on how to DIY measure your gutters when you don’t have any measuring tools.

In theory, how to measure gutters for gutter guards should be quite a straightforward process, but with gutters up high and out of reach, it’s not always that simple. So in this article we will also be discussing some commonly asked questions and useful information regarding the lengths of gutters on different types of roofs and buildings.

How do you measure gutters for gutter guards installs

Commonly asked questions:-

How much is the gutter guard per metre?

How many metres of gutter do houses have?

Original house building = 50-80 metres (roughly)
Original house building with add-on roofs like carports, pergolas & sheds = 65-100 metres
Larger house = 100-150 metres
Extra large houses = 150 metres >

Tools used to Measure Gutters

Professional gutter guard installers commonly use the following tools:-

  • Laser measure pointer tool
  • 30 metre tape measure (always handy because 99.9% of gutters are less than 30m< but much longer than shorter tape measures.
  • 8 metre tape measure (this is also the simple DIY length tape measure)
  • Architectural plans of the building to measure the gutters for gutter guard
Measuring a corrugated roof for gutter guard
A corrugated roof will have about 13 roof ribs for each metre. If you can count the roof ribs you can make a pretty accurate measurement this way!

What if I don’t have a tape measure?

Count the Roof Ribs on your Corro Roof

Count the ribs on your Corro roof, there should be about 13 ribs per metre. The ribs on your Corro roofs are the high points of the wave profile. You will need to have a visual of your whole roof edge for this method. Note* for Trimdek and Cliplock roofs, there’s about 6 ribs per metre.

Measuring a roof tile for gutter guard
Measuring a roof tile for gutter guard. This roof tile is about 21cm wide (not including the watercourse). If you have a loose tile lying around you can use that to measure, but make sure to allow for the width of the water course section in your calculations. The watercourse is where the next tile overlaps.

Count your roof tiles.

For tiled roofs, try standing back away from the roof so you can see the whole roof section and count how many tiles there are along the gutter edge. This method works best if you have a loose tile on the ground that you can measure first so you can calculate the overall length based on this.

Use Your Original House Plans

Whip out your house plans and a pen, paper and calculator. House plans can be complex to read and understand, but with persistence and some basic maths, you should be able to measure your gutters quite accurately.

DIY Long Rope idea.

If you have a long piece of rope that you know the length of, you can lay this along the ground and estimate required gutter guard lengths using the rope ends, then doing the multiplications.

Rough estimates based on your block size.

This method will require some reverse maths and a bit of head scratching, if you know how many square metres your property is, you can estimate the quantity of gutters with this data. Back in the 1990s, a standard family home with a big backyard was around 800 sqm.
But as an example let’s say your block is 600sqm and your house fills about half of that area, this means that your house is 300sqm in land size. At a guess, if a house is 300sqm it might be 20 metres long and 15 metres wide (20 x 15 = 300). If you had gutters on all four sides, then this 300sqm house could have approximately 70 metres of gutter in total. (20 + 20 + 15 + 15 = 70 metres)

30 metre tape measure for gutter guard
30 metre tape measure is our preferred tool for gutter guard because 99.9% of gutters are less than 30 metres in length.

How does Grayson’s Gutter Guard measure gutters?

On-site Measuring

At Grayson’s we’re a big believer in doing things the most practical way possible. For this reason, 30 metre tape measures are our tool of choice for measuring gutters for gutter guard. This is a low cost tool that is also quite sturdy and resistant to breakage from rough handling. A 30 metre tape measure is the type of tool you can toss into the glove box, or boot of your car.

How do you measure gutters for gutter guards from Google Satellite view
Use Satellite view to estimate gutter lengths by referring to the scale indicator, in this case the scale is 5 metres. Photo source: Google Maps

Online Google Maps Measuring of gutters

Sometimes we will use the house plan method mentioned above, but if your property is a finished build, chances are it will be pictured on Google maps Satellite view. From Satellite view, we are able to make a fairly accurate measurement of most gutters that require a gutter guard installed. The Sat view will have a small scale indicator of 5-10 metres, that can be used to measure the roofline.

With all this said, if you’re still having difficulty measuring up your gutters, call our professional team today to be connected with your local Grayson’s Gutter Guard Installer on 1800 GUTTER

How to Measure Gutters for Gutter Guard DIY
Be warned that DIY measuring of your gutters from a ladder is not safe.