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Bird proof gutter guards to stop birds in roof
Triple-G gutter guard installed to stop small birds from entering the roof via the gutters

Stop Birds from Entering Your Roof

Your gutters and other drainage fixtures can be an entry path for pest birds; WARNING don’t underestimate the damage they can cause. Indian Mynas, Starlings and Pigeons will build nests inside roofs whenever they’re given the opportunity; all three of these species are introduced pests in Australia. A complete gutter guard installation can totally seal entry gaps between the gutter and your roof edge. This stops pest birds from landing in your gutter and hopping up under your roof edge to enter your eaves space.

Bird proof rainhead stop pest birds
Bird Proofed Rainhead stopping pest birds from entering. The overflow hole has been covered with a larger hole size mesh.

The Triple-G gutter protection system will work perfectly as a bird barrier for “fascia mounted” gutters. With box gutters we always use the alternate method called ScrewTight®️
Any nearby gaps that could become pest bird entry points can also be covered with gutter mesh and protected, we will locate any potential holes. No matter how complicated your roof entry points may be, our Gutter Guard Fitters are experienced enough to solve these bird control issues. We have eradicated thousands of pest birds from roofing.

Some facts about bird proofing of gutters in Victoria.

  • If left unchecked, nesting pest birds will do significant damage to your gutters and roof.
  • Pest birds will return to your roof every year, following generations of that bird family will also come back, children, grandchildren etc.
  • We don’t have any pest species in Victoria that will actually create a new hole, they will only enter via existing holes.
  • Although Indian Mynas are the most common offenders, Pigeons will ultimately do the most damage because they will inhabit your roof with an entire flock (not just one adult mother bird with chicks)
  • You are allowed to remove and dispose of pest birds. Introduced pest birds come under the same animal protection laws as chickens and other fouls, they can be dispatched humanely.
  • Pigeon flocks will live underneath solar panels, this is normally only on 2nd storey or higher roofs.
  • The build up of nesting debris in your roof is a fire hazard.
Bird proof gutter guard
Indian Myna bird’s nest found by our gutter experts under the roof tiles of a house in Melbourne.
Bird Proofing Melbourne
Chicks of an Indian Myna found inside a roof. If this problem is left unattended, the next generation of birds will be back in your roof.

Some of our roof Bird Control services are:

  • Removal of nests from roofs
  • Locating pest bird entry points
  • Blocking entry points
  • Solar panel bird protection
  • Bird spikes installation
  • Advice on how to prevent pest bird problems in future
  • Installing the Triple-G gutter guard system to bird proof guttering.
  • Using valley seal to block up entry points in valleys
  • Providing video footage and photos of problem areas for your personal house records.

Don’t allow pest birds to make a mess of your gutters and roof cavity.


Bird Proof Solar Panel with Mesh Installed
Bird Proof Solar Panels with Mesh Installed. This is a permanent solution to save your valuable solar panels from Pigeon damage.

For more information about our Bird Control services, call our experienced professionals now!

fitting high quality gutter guard
Installing the Triple-G gutter guard system to bird proof this section of guttering.
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