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Grayson's installing gutter guard mesh in roof valley
Grayson’s® installing gutter guard mesh in a tiled roof valley

Valley Gutter Guards

Grayson’s can fit our gutter meshes to your roof valleys. The install method used will depend on the roof type you have. We can install valley gutter guard to most roof valleys, including on tiled roofs, trimdek and corrugated roofs.

What’s included in our Valley Gutter Guard installation?

  • Complete clean and sweeping out of the valley.
  • All materials and equipment involved in the valley gutter guard install.
  • For tiled roofs standard valley mesh width is 1000mm.
  • For corrugated roof valleys, 500mm is the standard mesh width.
  • For each metre of corrugated valley, we use about 21 screws and 21 corro saddles to bolt the mesh in place.
Diagram of valley guard install method
Grayson’s® Valley Gutter Guard cross section diagram showing the method for installing valley mesh to a corrugated roof.

What is the purpose of a valley gutter (roof valley)?

The roof valley is a wide section of metal flashing that is necessary to finish the joins of two separate sections of roof. Underneath, the valley sheet is supported by many sections of wood or steel that hold the valley metal in place.

Roof Valley Specs

Standard valley width is between 185mm to 210mm from the outside of the return rise to the centre fold, which means that the overall valley width is about 335mm to 385mm (allowing for the distance lost due to the centre fold). The rounded return rise should be at least 10mm higher up than the flat section. The return rise is important as your final barrier against backflow. We recommend you should always use the wider section of valley sheet where possible, and ask for custom widths to be made if necessary.

Valley guards installed on a corrugated roof
Grayson’s Valley Guards installed on a corrugated roof

Common problems with roof valleys

Because your valley gutters are located between two adjoining areas of sloping roof that slope to the valley sheet, the valley is subject to a greater volume of leaf debris and water during heavy rain. At the bottom of your roof valley there will usually be a gutter or rainhead; however some valleys empty straight onto other roof areas that have lower gutters.

When the gutter or rainhead at the base of the valley is blocked, or if the existing gutters are not up to standard with the necessary downpipes, this water can pool up in the valley and eventually seep into the ceiling space. The valley is a more complex area of your roof, so caution should be taken when fitting gutter guards here.

By installing a valley gutter guard, you can stop all leaves from getting into the valley and therefore help stop them from clogging the gutter or rainhead below.
Gutter guard installed by Grayson's in the valley of a tiled roof

Frequently Asked Questions about Valley Gutter Guards

Can I just cover the valley with your mesh and not the gutters?

Generally no, we recommend that valley gutter mesh is only installed as part of a complete gutter guard solution of the gutters below.

How much is Valley Guard?

On a per metre basis, valley gutter guard can be more expensive than a standard ScrewTight® gutter guard install. But if we are already installing a large quantity of ScrewTight® gutter guard, we may be able to include valley guards for the same price per metre or in some cases “one valley free of charge.”

Will the Valley Guard look okay?

Our valley guard meshes come in a full range of colours, so they will look great and blend in well with your existing roof. If your house is subject to heritage overlay rules, bear in mind that valley gutter guard is usually visible from the ground.

How do you Clean a Valley?

If the valley only has a small amount of leaf matter, gloves can be used to remove the rubbish by hand. For valleys that are heavily built up with layers of leaves, we also use brooms and other small rake-like tools to sweep the valleys.

Can Triple-G® gutter guard be installed in valleys?

No, Triple-G® gutter guard will not fit the roof valley properly and is only suitable on standard fascia style gutters (also known as high front gutters).

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Cartoon of Grayson's team member installing Valley Guard protection