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Grayson's Gutter Guard install

Grayson’s is the exclusive installer of our Triple-G® gutter mesh. We’ve cleared gutters on thousands of roofs in Melbourne. We devised the Triple-G® system with ease of installation and re-cleaning in mind. Upon arrival we can inspect your roof to determine the best gutter guard options.

Melbourne’s Gutter Guard!

Our Triple-G gutter guard system is installed in complete lengths, it’s cut neatly to fit. The smaller hole size of our gutter mesh keeps more rubbish out! Triple-G won’t pop up easily like other curled in systems because we glue it down with high grade roof silicone. There is no need to move tiles or drill holes in your roof. Triple-G gutter mesh is heavy duty and weighs almost 1000 grams per square metre of material.

Gutter Guard Install

Triple-G® specifications

  • High Density Polyethylene upper side
  • Carbon Black under strands for added strength
  • Tougher heavy duty mesh, weighs almost 1000 grams per square metre
  • Hole size 2.7mm by 4.7mm, perfect hole size to minimise the entry of smaller objects like pine needles
  • Under strand thickness 2.0mm
  • Top strand thickness 1.5mm

Benefits Of Our Triple-G® Gutter Guard

  • No drilling so it’s less disruptive to your roof
  • Cheaper than most permanent screwed down systems
  • Easier to clean and re-install
  • Simpler and safer to install than screwed down systems (suits difficult access applications)
  • Perfect for slate, shingled & asphalt roofs where moving tiles is not feasible
  • Doesn’t disturb roof sheeting (great for asbestos roofs)
  • All materials are inert and therefore safe for gutters that are feeding into rainwater tanks.

Triple G gutter guard

Completed gutter protection install
Completed gutter protection install

For more information about Grayson’s Gutter Guard, call us now on 1800 GUTTER