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Complete clean out, repair and careful reinstallation of old gutter guards. This particular gutter guard is a screwed down variety commonly found on Victorian homes.

Gutter guard cleaning, repair and reinstallation

We clean out old gutter guards and also repair them. Even if your gutter protection was installed before the year 2000, it may be salvageable. We regularly service gutter protection systems of all types, many of the gutter guards we’ve restored date back as far as the 1990s, it’s always interesting to see the installation methods used back then; we learn from them! Sadly, some old gutter guards might be beyond repair, in this case we can also cart away and dispose of the old gutter meshes if need be. If you need new gutter guards our two top choices are Triple-G and ScrewTight Ember Guard

Replacing old silicone on gutter guards.
Replacing old silicone on gutter guards.

Gutter Guard Repair Services

Some of our repair services are:

  • Adding extra screws to the angle trims if gutter mesh is caving in
  • Re-siliconing joins on old ski slope style guards
  • Patching over cracks or splits in gutter mesh
  • Careful re-installation of your gutter guard
  • Replacement of old parts such as ‘fixing saddles’
  • Re-aligning of gutter guards that may have warped or stretched over time
  • Providing matching colour parts and materials for gutter mesh repair
  • Servicing of all Gutter Guard types including rolled in, clipped in, foam and brush gutter guards
Metal saddles for gutter guard protection on corrugated roofs.
Metal saddles for gutter guard protection on corrugated roofs.

Benefits of Gutter Guard Repair

  • Save yourself the time and money of a full replacement
  • Bring your old gutter guard back to new again
  • Improve the longevity of your roof and gutters

Expert Gutter Advice!

At Grayson’s Gutter Guard we avoid making any claims that our system is superior or better than others, almost every gutter guard system on the market will have some benefits that other systems don’t have. Each gutter protection system is unique, if you already have an old gutter guard we are happy to service and restore it to its original state. We avoid the “throw away” mentality. We won’t carelessly say, “throw out your old gutter guard and replace it with ours.” We are happy to explain the benefits of our system, but our staff are trained to restore old gutter protection systems upon request and wherever reasonably possible. The choice is yours!

Patching over areas that need it! Gutter Guard repair increases your protection.
Patching over areas that need it! Gutter Guard repair increases your protection.

For more information about Grayson’s Gutter Guard, call our gutter guard professionals now!