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Our gutter guard colours are designed to compliment your roof and guttering.

You can select from a wide range of colours so that the gutter protection blends in with your roofing, adds distinction, or makes a bold statement.

Please note that the colours listed below are for informational purposes only. The colours displayed on your screen may vary slightly from the actual colours of the gutter guard product.

Triple-G® Gutter Guard Mesh

Triple-G is an exclusive, especially made product. Some colours of this popular mesh are sometimes in stock shortage, feel free to call 1800 GUTTER to ask for a price today!
Slate Grey
(Selling Fast / Low Stock)
(Selling Fast / Low Stock)
Heritage Red
(In Stock)
(In Stock)
Caulfield Green
(In Stock)
Mountain Blue
(In Stock)
(In Stock / Discounted)
Pale Terracotta
(Selling Fast)

Ember Mesh Gutter Guard

Aluminium gutter guard mesh designed to stop small bushfire embers from entering your gutters and roofing.
Jasper®Woodland Grey®Pale Eucalypt®Monument®
Shale Grey™Manor Red®Paperbark®Dune®
Surfmist®Basalt®Ironstone®Cottage Green®

ScrewTight™ Full-Metal Gutter Guard

Full metal gutter guard mesh for permanent screwed down installations.
Deep Ocean®Cottage Green®Dune®Surfmist®
Paperbark®Shale Grey™Windspray®Mangrove®
Pale Eucalypt®Woodland Grey®Wallaby®Jasper®
Basalt®Manor Red®Night Sky®Ironstone®
Dark BrownMonument®Headland®

Saddles, Screws & Angle Trims

Gutter guard saddles and metal parts for attaching the mesh to the roof. Our saddles are made in Australia from top quality G55 rust proof steel.
Surfmist®Evening Haze®Classic Cream™Paperbark®
Shale Grey™Dune®Cove®Pale Eucalypt®
Woodland Grey®Windspray®Gully™Mangrove®
Deep Ocean®Cottage Green®Wallaby®Jasper®
Basalt®Manor Red®Night Sky®Ironstone®

For more information about Grayson’s range of Gutter Guards, contact us today!