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In this article we discuss some interesting facts about possums in gutters and roofing. Read on to learn some tips about stopping possums from invading your roof.

Possum Gutter Guard
Brush-tailed Possum Trichosurus vulpecula (Kerr, 1792)

Does gutter guard stop possums?

Gutter guards can definitely prevent possums from entering your roof. But choose carefully because with possums, you’re dealing with a larger and tougher pest. Flimsier gutter mesh products can quickly cave-in under the weight of a possum.

In most circumstances, only a screwed down gutter guard that’s properly fitted will stand the pressure of these large roof dwelling marsupials. Other gutter guards like clipped in and rolled in guards won’t fill up all your gaps quite the same way.

Unlike other pests like birds and rodents, possums have the muscular body strength to brute force their way through gaps in your roof. A possum that finds a gap on the edge of your roof will try to push its way in. This brute force push can even lift the tiles or metal sheeting at the edge where your gutters are. All this might be happening as you’re trying to sleep and will be quite loud.

Cartoon mockup of a Brush-tailed Possum discovering that the gutters are now covered with gutter guards.
Cartoon mockup of a Brush-tailed Possum discovering that the gutters are now covered with gutter guards. It isn’t happy…

How do I get rid of possums in my gutters?

  • Cut back tree branches that are overhanging your roof, possums might be using these tree limbs to hop on to your roof.
  • Try to determine the point of access and climbing path that the possums are using
  • Install a barrier that prevents access to the gutters, such as metal sheeting around tree trunks
  • Consider making access to native trees easier (such as those that are further away from your house) and therefore lure the possums back to their true habitat
  • Consider installing wooden boxes in your trees that the possums can use for nesting.

What will keep possums away from gutters? …Steel Ember Guard

With less trees around your home, it’s inevitable that possums will need to look for alternative places to nest. As we’ve already said above, trimming your trees away from roof edges can be a prevention. But for the toughest gutter protection, we have the option of heavy grade, stainless steel ember guards. This product is basically rodent proof, bird proof, vermin proof and yes… possum proof.

Gutters that are possum proof
Gutters that are now possum proof with our ember guard.

Do possums go in gutters?

Yes possums will go into your gutters. We have found possums with their fully established nests inside box gutters and rain heads. Possums will run along roof edges and gutter guards, so it’s important that the gutter mesh product used is very strong.

What type of Possum is that on my Roof?

If you live in Melbourne, you probably know what a Brushtail Possum is. Chances are, that noisy possum on your roof is a Brushtail. According to wildlife expert Raymond Hoser, there are over 30 formally identified species of possums in Australia.

Fortunately for householders, only two commonly occur in roofs of homes in Melbourne, these being the Brush-tailed Possum Trichosurus vulpecula (Kerr, 1792) and the less frequently seen Ring-tailed Possum Pseudocheirus peregrinus (Boddaert, 1785).
So-called Pygmy Possums, which are often confused with mice, rarely enter homes, except in bush cottages and rural properties, including for example at Mount Hotham. The same applies to Glider possums and the like, which generally stick to forests.

Several species of possum new to science were discovered and named by Raymond Hoser in 2020.

See the old video above from the year 2009. A Grayson’s staff member giving a Brushtail Possum a gentle nudge out of the gutter using a broom handle. The Possum was nesting inside the rain-head.

Gutters that are filled with Possum poo

Every week we are clearing out masses of possum poo in gutters. This is always part of the prepping service of gutter guard installations. If we find a heap of possum poo in your gutters, we will inform you of this issue so you can be aware of what’s going on up on your roof. An excessive buildup of possum dung on your roof is definitely something that can lead to premature rusting and weed growth in the gutters.

Feel free to send us an enquiry or call 1800 GUTTER to book a possum proof gutter guard installation now!