• Grayson's Gutter Guard on a farm shed

    What is Triple-G Gutter Guard & Why Use It?

    What is Triple-G gutter guard? Triple-G or GGG is an abbreviation of Grayson’s Gutter Guard. Triple-G is the only non-screwed gutter guard available that is installed in such long lengths. Triple-G can be installed in a length of up to 30 metres (that is a massive length). Very rarely do we come across a single […]

  • Customised Gutter Guard cut onsite

    Customised Gutter Guard Cut Onsite in Melbourne

    Grayson’s Gutter Guard installers cutting a full roll of our Triple-G gutter mesh at a house in Melbourne. Call us on 1800 GUTTER today (+61 1800-488-837) We service Greater Melbourne and many of the nearby country Victoria towns. Each section of gutter guard is cut specifically to fit each house.

  • Screwing down the metal saddles firmly holds the gutter guard mesh against the roof ribs.

    Gutter Guard Metal Roof – Corrugated Install Method

    Unlike tiled roofs your corrugated metal roofs have a smoother finish, this can work fantastically with our screwed down gutter guard systems; almost everything just slides off the gutter mesh! As you can see in the photo our gutter guard matches the roof colour perfectly. In the photo you will see the small fixing saddles […]

  • Repairing a gutter guard system that's fitted to completely cover a valley. We recommend against this type of install, but we are happy to service existing valley gutter mesh.

    Gutter Guard in Valleys

    Learn why we don’t install gutter guard in to the full length of valleys… Normally we recommend against placing a complete gutter protection into valleys. In a big storm, a huge volume of water will be directed towards the valleys, but if the roofing and valleys have been detailed correctly, it’s unlikely that any major […]

  • Install Plastic Gutter Guard

    Install Plastic Gutter Guard

    We install plastic gutter guard in Melbourne. Our plastic gutter guard is made from virgin materials, it weighs about 1000gms per square metre. Plastic gutter guard is more suitable when installing using the curled in method; we call this the Triple-G installation method. Triple-G stands for Grayson’s Gutter Guard. One advantage with plastic gutter guard […]

  • Gutter Guard supply and installed

    Gutter Guard Supply and Install Melbourne

    Grayson’s is the exclusive supplier and installer of the Triple-G™ gutter guard system. Naming our product was simple, Triple-G stands for the initials of Grayson’s Gutter Guard. We supply our own metal and plastic parts for installation on to box gutters and screwed down applications. Our gutter protection materials are only available from Grayson’s. We […]

  • Gutter Guard Mesh Bolted down to Trim Deck roofs

    Gutter Guard Mesh Bolted down to Trim Deck roofs

    Every gutter guard installation that we do is carefully tailored to fit because each roof is different. These photos are an example of our permanent screwed down gutter protection system on a flat Trim Deck roof. Trim Deck a term used in the building construction industry for a profile of metal roof sheeting. Trim Deck is […]

  • Bird Proofing Melbourne

    Gutter Invasion – Dead Birds

    Gutter protection can stop more than just leaves from invading your gutters, other objects like tennis balls and dead birds are notorious for blocking gutters. There have been cases worldwide, where a single adult dead pigeon has been the cause of 100s of thousands of dollars damage to shopping malls. We regularly find dead pigeons […]

  • Gutter protection tiled roof leaf guard

    Good Gutter Guards won’t Fall Out

    One advantage with permanent screwed down gutter guards is, it’s basically impossible for them to fall out. On corrugated metal roofs there will be more than 10 screws per metre of gutter holding down the mesh. This provides the highest level of protection from leaf entry possible and small particles are less likely to enter […]

  • A perfect example of a suitable application for the Triple-G gutter guard system. With the solar panels overlapping the bottom tiles it can be too difficult to install other types of gutter guard.

    Gutter Guard Fitted under Solar Panels

    In this photo the solar panels are almost completely covering the bottom 2 rows of tiles, you can see our Triple-G gutter protection mesh  in the gutter. On some roofs the permanent screwed down ski slope system is not a realistic option, this is a good example of how versatile the Triple-G system can be! […]