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We always explain to our gutter guard clients that you never know what you’ll find on a roof. It’s often quite baffling to look into the gutters. We frequently find some strange and unexpected objects… and creatures. This weird and wacky array of items that are found in blocked guttering is the reason why the average person does NOT want their own hands in the gutters.

We’ve found just about everything and anything, from spent fireworks to bat skeletons and even items of clothing. We thought we’d seen it all, until…

Snake inside weedy gutter
Snake slithering through a weedy gutter. Yep, you’ve probably never seen this before.

During a recent gutter protection job, we found a deadly Tiger Snake in the gutter of a shed in Melbourne!

The Tiger Snake didn’t seem very happy being disturbed by our gutter guard installers. We immediately called in a professional Snake Catcher to remove the critter. This was not something to be taken lightly, it was a full-sized adult Tiger Snake on a warm spring afternoon. Who knows, it may have been mating season and the gutter-dwelling animal might even be hungry. Tiger Snakes have one of the deadliest venoms on the planet.

Being cold-blooded, snakes need warm places to control their body temperature. Raymond Hoser, the licensed Snake Catcher, explained to us that roofs are a place where snakes have the option to quickly heat up; he has found snakes in roof gutters before. Ray recommends calling in a pro if you need a snake caught and relocated.

Snake Catchers don't normally carry ladders so we set up our own ladder so the professional could remove the critter.
Snake Catchers don’t normally carry ladders so we set up our own ladder so the professional could remove the critter.

Once the Tiger Snake had been removed, our staff were able to safely focus on cleaning the gutters and then as always, they completely flushed the gutter to ensure perfect water flow. In the photo you can see just how squeaky clean the gutter is now.

Gutter flushed clear ready for gutter guard protection
Clean gutter with the weeds, mud and snake removed. The whole gutter was also flushed with water! Now it’s ready for Grayson’s Gutter Guard

Our Triple-G gutter mesh in the colour Caulfield Green was then cut to size and expertly fit. Unfortunately for the local snake population, these shed gutters are now 100% critter proof. It’s unlikely that any snakes will be able to dwell in the gutter again.

Triple-G gutter guard is normally used for leaf and bird proofing; sometimes we install our ScrewTight systems for rodent protection. But gutter guard protection for the purposes of snake proofing is also an option. Triple-G gutter guard mesh is heavy duty with exceptionally strong strands, the hole size is designed to stop items as small as pine needles and gum nuts.

Triple-G gutter guard installed, so snakes can't enter the gutters.
Triple-G was then installed, so the Tiger Snake will not be able to enter the gutters again.

At Grayson’s Gutter Guard, we have a range of different products for pest proofing. Bird entry is the most common pest animal issue. Our Ember Guard mesh is also now available in powder coated stainless steel. This gutter protection is popular for homeowners who are concerned about rodents gnawing through.

If you have blocked gutters that need protection, or pest animals are entering your roof, call us now on 1800 GUTTER (1800 488 837).