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Super Gutter Guard Bunnings
Super Gutter Guard from the shelf at Bunnings. An old product that is now discontinued. It was once manufactured in New Zealand by Nylex.

Is Bunnings gutter guard worth it?

The hardware store Bunnings stocks a variety of different gutter guard products for DIY installation. Most of these Bunnings gutter guards are generically made in short lengths of between one to eight metres, homeowners overlap these short lengths into their gutters.

The gutter guard industry has come a long way since the early days of the 1980s and 1990s, most Bunnings gutter guards are based on old failed designs. For those of us in the professional gutter protection industry, gutter guards from Bunnings are quite frankly, “almost useless.”

Top quality gutter guards come in much larger sheets that are cut specifically to fit your gutters, a professional installer will tailor gutter guard to fit your guttering systems. Tradesman’s quality gutter guards come in 30 metre to 50 metre lengths that are not readily available in public retail stores.

Here is a list of some of the BUNNINGS products in a short description:

Gutter Guard Bunnings
Common bottle brush type gutter guard

– Bristle or bottle brush type

Bottle brush style gutter guards come in 1 metre lengths and are jammed in to the gutter, they will immediately inhibit the flow of water. We recommend against the use of bottle brush gutter guards. But in some scenarios a small piece of the bottle brush can be placed over the downpipe entry to protect the downpipe from large objects such as tennis balls.

180mm gutter guard Bunnings
Generic 18cm gutter guard from Bunnings. It comes in 8 metres rolls and is the worst possible choice.

– Generic 8 metre by 180mm mesh rolls

These generic 18cm by 8 metre (usually black coloured) gutter guard rolls are really the worst possible option. They are absolute rubbish and exist purely because of consumer demand for something cheap. They are made from flimsy, unstable plastics and normally come from China. They don’t hold their shape and will swiftly collapse into your roof gutters. The holes in the mesh are also too large to prevent leaf rubbish and debris from ending up in your gutters and clogging your drainage system.

Gum Leaf Gutter Guard from Bunnings
Bluescope Steel sheet louvered type gutter guard from Bunnings. This product is very difficult to clean and quickly blocks up.

– Colorbond 1200mm sheets with louvered holes

Bunnings also supply a well known brand of Bluescope Australian made colorbond steel that is on the shelf in 120cm lengths. This is a heavy and tough material but is also extremely difficult to install. It’s available in different colours. Each 1200mm length is priced at $15 per metre so the materials cost of covering 50+ metres of guttering will be very high. This louvered metal gutter guard has a rough surface that catches too much debris and rapidly blocks up. It is one of the most difficult gutter guards to re-clean, although it’s a very tough product, we strongly recommend against its usage.

DIY vs Professional Gutter Guard

DIY gutter guard installation is one of those time consuming jobs that is often left unfinished by homeowners. Don’t risk your safety and roof damage, or use inferior products.

Grayson’s Gutter Guard offer a range of gutter guard solutions tailored to your roof type, including our popular Triple-G®️ Gutter Mesh, gutter guard for boxed gutters, and permanent screwed-down gutter guard.

Call Grayson’s professional gutter guard installers now on 1800 GUTTER (1800-488-837).