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What to Consider When Installing Gutter Guards on Shingle Roofs

We explain why our Triple-G gutter guard is usually the best option for roofs with slate, asphalt, wooden and terracotta shingles.

In Australian roofing, the word “shingles”is used to describe roofs with small, overlapping rectangle-shaped tiles that normally lay flat. The most common shingles in Melbourne are slate shingles, which are made from stone, though occasionally roofs will also have terracotta or wooden shingles. Top quality slate shingles can last hundreds of years, requiring less maintenance than other roof types. However, installing a gutter guard on them can be tricky. While shingle roofs may be durable when untouched, they are quite delicate once other fittings come into play. During the gutter guard selection and installation process, care must be taken, and one must be mindful of the special requirements of shingle roofs.

Difficulty of Access

Old terracotta and slate shingle roofs can be steeper and much higher up than modern tiled roofs. For safety reasons, a simpler gutter guard with easy installation is required. The cost of erecting scaffolding and calling in a professional slater is not something homeowners seeking gutter guard want to be burdened with. Grayson’s professional roof workers can access the most awkward house roofs in Melbourne.

Slate Roof in Melbourne
Shingled roofs are often high up, steeply sloped, and difficult to access.

Copper Gutters

Many of the old heritage houses, government buildings, and churches around Melbourne have copper gutters. With copper guttering it is important to not screw any gutter guard on. Screwing or bolting a gutter guard onto copper gutters could cause a disastrous thing called “metallic electrolysis” — an electrochemical corrosion that could destroy both the copper gutters as well as the screws of the guard. Copper gutters have some major advantages over all other guttering types; but, with gutter guard installations, your choices are limited. Triple-G® Gutter Guard Mesh is definitely an excellent choice for these old copper gutters as it is plastic and totally non-metal.

Gutter Guard on a Copper Roof
Our expert gutter guard team at work on a shingled roof with copper gutters

Why Is Triple-G Your Best Choice?

For many reasons Triple-G is the ultimate choice for gutter guard on shingled roofs. Installation of Triple-G is especially suited to shingle roofs because we don’t have to move the shingles during the install. With tiled roofs, ScrewTight gutter guard requires that the lower tiles be moved as we tuck the gutter guard underneath. Most owners of shingle roofs are aware that screwing down gutter guards under the shingles is not a feasible option.

Because shingle roofs are so beautiful and distinctive, gutter guards that have to be placed under the 2nd or 3rd row of shingles will interfere with the classic appearance of heritage roofing. Compared with most screwed down gutter guards, Triple-G is almost invisible when looking up from the ground. Triple-G comes in a selection of colours that will blend nicely with your shingle roof. For terracotta shingles we recommend our colour “Heritage Red” as a great choice, while for slate shingles we have a beautiful colour called “Karaka.” Alternatively, our pale coloured gutter guard can be used to match the colour of your gutter!

Gutter Guard on a Slate Roof
Triple-G™ Gutter Guard on a lichen-covered slate roof in Melbourne.

If you have a combination of charming old shingle roofing and modern box guttering, we can install Triple-G gutter guard onto the shingle areas and ScrewTight Full-Metal™️ on to your new box gutters.

Advantages of Triple-G Summed-up

  • Triple-G won’t impact the charming appearance of your roof from the ground
  • Won’t disturb your bottom rows of shingles
  • Cheaper than screwed down gutter guard
  • It’s the only non-screwed gutter guard available in customised longer lengths
  • Great for shingled roofs with copper gutters
  • Stops small chips and broken off pieces of shingle from sliding into your gutter
  • Suitable for awkward access roofing

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