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Gutter Guard for Corrugated Iron Roofs

If you’re fortunate enough to reside in a home with a tin roof, you should be aware of your gutter guard for corrugated roofing options. A corrugated iron roof is an Australian staple, and as the leading gutter guard installers in Melbourne we can assure you that it is possible to maintain its classic character while also ensuring that your gutters are protected for the long term. In this post we’ll explain why it’s important to have gutter protection on a corrugated iron roof, as well as what kind of corrugated gutter guard options exist!

Corrugated Iron Roofs in Australia

Corrugated iron became the go-to material for roofs in Australia back in the settlement days, since it was durable, light, flexible, reusable, and most importantly, cheap. These days, despite the name, corrugated roofs are actually made of rust-resistant steel or zinc aluminium alloy rather than iron. The sheets are then corrugated (i.e. folded), which adds significant rigidity and strength.

Corrugated Iron Roofs
Corrugated roofs on homes in suburban Melbourne

Corrugated roofing is traditionally associated with mining and farming structures out in the bush, as well as with ‘Queenslander Homes’. In Victoria it is used in suburban Melbourne homes for construction and aesthetic reasons, or for buildings out in the suburban fringes close to green areas, where corrugated roofs can provide better bushfire protection compared to tiled roofs, which have small gaps that can allow the embers into the roof cavity.

Why Install Gutter Guard on Your Corrugated Iron Roof?

Much like with any other roof construction, gutter guards are a fantastic way of keeping your gutters in great shape for the long term, and preventing the hassle and expense of regular gutter cleaning. Both our Triple-G and ScrewTight gutter guard will keep debris out of your gutters, and both make for an effective and attractive gutter guard for corrugated roofing. There are some differences between the Triple-G and ScrewTight systems which we’ll explain below, but to know for sure which is the best gutter guard for your corrugated iron roof, make sure to contact our experts for an assessment.

Installing Corrugated Gutter Guard

Option 1: Triple-G Gutter Guard Mesh

Triple-G® is our trademarked gutter guard mesh system. Made of high density polyethylene, it is strong and durable. The mesh comes in lengthy rolled sheets that can be cut to perfectly fit your corrugated roof gutters. Installing the Triple-G mesh is a safe and simple process, since it does not require any drilling — the mesh is curled-in and glued down with high grade roof silicone instead.

With modern corrugated roof constructions the edge of the metal sheeting is quite straight, so our Triple-G gutter guard can fit very elegantly. Triple-G mesh comes in multiple colours, so we will easily be able to match it to the shade of your corrugated roofing. The Triple-G mesh will be barely visible to those looking up from your street, yet your gutters will be fully protected!

Gutter Guard on a corrugated roof
Triple-G Gutter Guard on a corrugated roof

Option 2: Permanent ScrewTight Full-Metal Gutter Guard

The ScrewTight™️ permanent gutter guard is our most popular system for keeping corrugated gutter protected from debris. It is the most sturdy and elegant gutter guard system around, it consists of our tough Full-Metal™️ parts, and angles down to ensure all debris slides off the roof. ScrewTight is fixed to the roof and long-lasting, and is a great option for those who “never want to clean the gutters again!”

Corrugated Gutter Guard
ScrewTight gutter guard colour-matched to a corrugated iron roof

Our ScrewTight gutter guard installs for corrugated roofing give an impressive finished look, as even the saddles will match the look of your roof. We have a big range of gutter guard colours to select from, so a seamless finish is guaranteed.

Installing Gutter Guard on Corrugated Roof
The fixed or screwed method of installing gutter guard on corrugated roofs.

The most common colours chosen for newly-built corrugated roofs are “Monument”, a gunmetal grey, and “Woodland Grey” which is slightly lighter. We always have stock of Full-Metal™️ parts in those colours, to ensure that our gutter guards will match your corrugated roofing.

Our corrugated roof saddles are also moulded perfectly to hug the gutter guard mesh downwards to the roof ribs. This moulding of our saddles is crucial in stopping twigs and leaves from sliding under the mesh. Instead, it allows the leaves to slide over the ScrewTight gutter guard and down onto the ground, keeping your roof and gutters clean.

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