Different Roof Tiles Affect Gutter Guard Fit

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How Different Roof Tiles Affect the Gutter Guard Fit

At Grayson’s, we always take into account the type of roof and roof tiles that you have before recommending the best gutter guard for you. We’ve devised two excellent gutter guard systems: the permanent ScrewTight™ Full-Metal gutter guard and the more easily removable Triple-G® Gutter Mesh. Both of these options work incredibly well to keep your gutters protected and virtually clog-proof, and they will work with almost any type of tiled roof. Before recommending a gutter guard, one of the things we make sure to consider is which of these will work better and look nicer with your roof.

Tiled roofs have a charming aesthetic, so we understand how important it is that your gutter guard system doesn’t disrupt or clash with it. Matching the gutter protection to the existing roof is an important consideration, no matter whether you have an older Victorian, Federation or Californian bungalow home, or a post-War, twentieth century, or more contemporary design. Regardless of the architectural style, our premium gutter guards will complement your roof tiles! In particular, our Screw Tight Full-Metal gutter guard is especially colour matched to go with the shade of your tiles.

Which Gutter Guard type to install on your tiled roof?

Different roof tiles — like concrete, terracotta, or slate shingles — form various shapes and curves on the surface or edge of the roof. For most fascia mounted gutters such as Quad gutters (also known as “D” gutters), O-Gee (or “K-style”) gutters, and SquareLine gutters, our Triple-G gutter guard mesh will provide excellent protection that will not be disruptive or visible.

Triple G Gutter Guard on a Tiled Roof
Triple-G® Gutter Mesh installed on a tiled roof

The position of the roof tiles is a very important element that comes into play when we cut and fit the Triple-G gutter guard. If the last row of tiles are not straight enough, and especially when the roof tiles are sitting further into or higher above the gutter edge, Triple-G may not fit properly. In this case, we will recommend ScrewTight as a more suitable install option instead. Screw Tight installations always involve the covering of the bottom row of tiles, so this gutter guard install provides the highest level of protection possible.

ScrewTight Gutter Guard on a Tiled Roof
Installing ScrewTight™ Gutter Guard over the bottom row of roof tiles

Get in touch with us, and we’ll help you determine which gutter guard system will suit your roof and tiles best!