Do gutter leaf guards really work?

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Full Metal gutter leaf guard
Grayson’s Full-Metal™ gutter guard

Do gutter guards really work?

Lots of people ask the question, “do gutter leaf guards really work?” But to answer this question properly, we can’t just state “yes they work” or “no they don’t work”…

Some gutter guards work better than others. The enquirer should always ask themselves, “what do I expect leaf guards to do?” Gutter guards won’t stop everything, they’re not bulletproof.

A good quality leaf gutter guard will work at stopping over 99% of regular airborne leaf debris from going into the gutters. To work properly, quality gutter leaf guards must be made from quality materials that can withstand the four seasons. A quality gutter leaf guard will significantly reduce the need for regular gutter cleaning. Quality gutter guards really can work!

However, small dust particles and pollen will eventually get through the gutter mesh and start to form a silty layer in the gutter floor; don’t panic, because a small layer of silt is not the end of water flow. Look at your nearby flowing creeks and rivers, they will have dirt and silt in them, usually it takes something much more solid to block water flow.

Optimistically speaking, these fine particles in the gutters are not normally enough to cause rapid downpipe blockages. With quality gutter guards installed most downpipes should remain unblocked, meaning you’ll always have at least some water flow. Without any protection, larger objects like acorns and berries will slide straight into your downpipe opening; once the downpipes are blocked, everything stops working and ceases to function.


Triple G gutter leaf guard really works!
Triple G® gutter leaf guard really works!

We get phone calls from concerned residents of Melbourne who often say, “my gutters still have some dirt in them, someone told me to throw out the roof gutter guards because they’re not working.” The homeowner has often been given bad information. It’s normal for some dirt to build up under the gutter covers. Houses also have flyscreens on the windows, if a couple of flies get inside the house you wouldn’t tear down all the flyscreens! It’s the same with leaf gutter guard, they are very useful, and if installed correctly they really work!

Some leaf gutter protection companies have at times published misleading ads that give the consumer unrealistic impressions that “you’ll never have to clean gutters again.” With most houses, gutters that are covered by gutter guard will eventually require a bit of maintenance to keep the leaf gutter guards really working. Grayson’s Gutter Guard installers are ready to get to work in cleaning out, repairing and servicing your leaf guards within a short space of time from when you call us.

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