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We install plastic gutter guard in Melbourne. Our plastic gutter guard is made from virgin materials, it weighs at least 1000gms per square metre and is heavier than any other polymesh. Plastic gutter guard is more suitable when installing using the inserted and rolled in method. For this we use our Triple-G gutter mesh. Triple-G stands for Grayson’s Gutter Guard.

A plastic gutter guard install that we did in Hawthorn, Melbourne.
A plastic gutter guard install that we did in Hawthorn, Melbourne.

One advantage with plastic gutter guard is that it wont form a fold mark when we bend and curl it to custom fit your roof. Plastic gutter guard mesh can be easily bent back to its original flat shape during the install. Our plastic gutter guard is extremely durable and far superior in quality to any other plastic gutter guard mesh on the market. The pattern of our gutter mesh holes & strands is the end result of many years of planning and experience. Our plastic gutter mesh is highly UV resistant and wont break down quickly like cheaper products. It’s a co-polymer mix including High Density Polyethylene and Carbon Black.

The Grayson's Triple-G gutter guard
The Grayson’s Triple-G gutter guard

If your roof is already protected by the plastic gutter mesh of another brand or company, we can clean out your gutters and re-install your old gutter guard. Our Triple-G plastic gutter guard can be used to repair other gutter guards, we can place a patch over any splits or cracks in you existing mesh. Our plastic gutter guard comes in a range of colours.

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