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Repairing a gutter guard system that's fitted to completely cover a valley. We recommend against this type of install, but we are happy to service existing valley mesh.
Repairing a gutter guard system that’s fitted to completely cover a valley. We recommend against this type of install, but we are happy to service existing valley mesh.

Learn why we don’t install gutter guard in to the full length of valleys…

Normally we recommend against placing a complete gutter protection into valleys. In a big storm, a huge volume of water will be directed towards the valleys, but if the roofing and valleys have been detailed correctly, it’s unlikely that any major back flow or leakage will occur.

The profile of valleys is very different to guttering, gutters are hung almost horizontally, but roof valleys are always on a steeper pitch. In Victoria, a standard valley length is 2.4 metres  and the metal valley sheets are up to 500mm in width. Yes, 2.4 metres may seem surprisingly short because the valleys look longer from the ground. From the ground looking up, the size of your valleys seems deceptive.

An experienced roof tiler or roof plumber will know exactly how much overlap will be necessary for each roof valley construction. With tiled roofs, wider valley sheets are used and the tiles can always be cut to allow a greater overlap. A common roof pitch in Melbourne is about 30 degrees, with a 30 degree pitched roof that has been correctly profiled it’s practically impossible for water to pool in the valley. If your valley is blocked with leaves, we have specialist reaching tools to sweep this clear.

No matter how high your roof, and no matter how badly blocked, our gutter cleaning team can sweep out and clean your valleys to our highest standard. When installing our Triple-G system or screwed-down gutter guard, great care is taken in cutting our mesh to join the bottom of your valley edges. But to date, we have never installed gutter guard to the main upper sections of roof valleys, we believe this is unnecessary.

Why Not Install a Full Gutter Guard into Valleys?

  • It’s unlikely that any major water back flow or leakage will occur in roofing and valleys that have been detailed correctly.
  • The installation may greatly disturb the upper parts of roofing.
  • Removing and reinstalling the gutter mesh to clean your valleys out in future may be impossible and will be too costly.
  • Cleaning valleys is a simpler process and gutter protection would be overkill.

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