Gutter Guard Mesh Bolted down to Trim Deck roofs

Gutter Guard Mesh Bolted down to Trim Deck roofs

Screwing the gutter guard bolts into place on a Trim Deck roof

Every gutter guard installation that we do is carefully tailored to fit because each roof is different. These photos are an example of our permanent screwed down gutter protection system on a flat Trim Deck roof. Trim Deck a term used in the building construction industry for a profile of metal roof sheeting. Trim Deck is very common on roofs with box gutters.

Another common metal roof profile is called Klip Lock. Klip Lock roofs have more predominant ribs, the roof ribs are the bumps or high points in the metal sheet. Our gutter guard installers are careful to ensure that the fixing screws are placed above the pan floor of the metal sheet and the gutter mesh edge is sealed with high grade Australian made silicone! We use only the best quality parts.

Gutter Protection Mesh in different colours!

The gutter protection products that we use are available in a choice of different colours. The gutter mesh colour in the photo is called pale terracotta, the roof and gutter silicone dries  clear.

Gutter Guard Mesh Bolted down to Trim Deck roofs, diagram showing the install method